Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Back to Normal

Having spent the last few nights working with the big boss at long last my working day routine is getting back to some level of normality.  The hardest part is never knowing when he's going to call me.  It could be in the afternoon but it could also be late in the evening - we normally didn't start working until around 1730. 

Thankfully, although the hours were quite long - I was with him a couple of nights until after 2300, it's quite stressful - but it wasn't too difficult and I got through it with a small and meaningless thank you.  It never harms work prospects to suck-up to the boss.

My blog is still slowly evolving.  I've now added an email address and I've added a globe which gives me some indication of where people are in the world who have been looking at my blog.  Although I haven't posted much lately, I've been keeping up to date with the blogs of others.  It's quite amazing how many stories of guys in a similar situation to mine, who could be anywhere all over the world, have similar stories, feelings and experiences.  It's definitely good to know that I'm not the only one out there and it's so great to read their stories.  These other blogs always bring hidden memories that had long been forgotten by me to the front again.

One time I was at a cruising spot mentioned in my post I Still Don't Know!.  I think I had popped in to the car park after a day at university.  There were a few cars parked at various spots in the car park.  I parked opposite a red Fiesta XR2.  That was a cool car at the time, so guessed the driver must be youngish also.  I was listening to the radio.  I noticed the driver of the car staring at me.  It was about 17:00 and beginning to get dark.  He looked like he was early 20s wearing a black puffa jacket.  He got out of his car and headed down into the woods.  He had curly blond hair, wearing jeans and black boots.  He stared directly at me as he walked past my car.

I waited a little about 30 seconds after he'd gone past and too got out of the car.  He saw that I had followed him.  He continued walking down a winding path and occasionally looked around to make sure I was following him.  The adrenalin beginning to circulate through my body.  The guy suddenly turned off the track and into the trees.  I watched him carefully and then followed him.

He stopped walking after a minute or two and stood by a tree.  I walked by him, both of us staring at each other and too stopped at a tree nearby.  We stood staring at each other as he began to rub his cock over his jeans.  I slowly approached him and moved my hand so that I was now rubbing his cock.  He was already hard.  He put his hand on me and we began to kiss. 

Suddenly we heard a noise and both of us instinctively turned around at the same time.  Someone had followed me and he was staring at us.  The blond guy leaned into me and whispered "do you want to come back to my place for some privacy?".  I was horny as hell and agreed.  As we turned to walk away, the guy who bothered us also turned and walked off.  We walked together and headed back to our cars.  He told me to follow him and that he lived in a flat not too far away on a new development which I new well.  We drove out of the car park and headed towards his place.

I'll carry on the story tomorrow.

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  1. I am glad to see you telling some more stories of experiences. Like you, many of mine are in the past and like you, I find the work of other bloggers provides a kind of comfort and camaraderie as well as triggering me to hopefully revisit and learn from old experiences. We follow many of the same men and I read all your posts and just wanted you to know here is one more guy rooting for you to figure this all out, or at least to feel less lonely. Plus you and I have some common situations to deal with and I keep waiting for your Flirty Office Guy to turn into something like my Santiago did. I can completely relate to the way that a large soulless corporate environment that by day is a model of sexless efficiency and process pushing can become a strangely mysterious and potent environment at night when only a few people find themselves working together late.

    I enjoy your writing very much.