Thursday, 20 May 2010

Catching Up

My last few posts have been somewhat sex-related and I don't think I've been dedicating nearly enough time to my blog as I should be.  For anyone who is even remotely interested, a quick update of what's being going on in my life is here!

I'm a little devastated at the moment - Flirty office guy told me a couple of days ago that he is leaving the company.  He has been offered a new job in a start-up company and in less than a month will no longer be working here.  Does this mean I will never get to see him naked?  To touch him intimately?  I really don't know - but it's not looking good.  I'm sure we'll still stay in touch and remain friends but it does mean there will be no more working late or together anymore.  But I'm hoping for a long lingering goodbye kiss at the very least.

On a happier note, I was at the dietitian this week and I lost another 2.5 kilos.  So in total, so far, I have lost just over 10 kilos which makes me very, VERY happy.  (That's 1½ stone to the UK readers!!).  It really hasn't been too difficult at all.  Because of the crazy work hours I'm doing at the moment I'm not running nearly as much as I should be - but the fact is the weight is coming off slowly, but surely and that can only be a good thing.  The dietitian and I kind of agreed that I would go for losing another 5 kilos and then we would "talk again" about whether that would be enough or whether I should continue going to see her.  I really enjoy my "sessions" with her and see it as some good therapy - talking with someone who can understand a lot of what is happening with me.

I am also currently in the middle of a parental visit.  My parents live overseas and haven't actually seen them (excluding Skype) for just over a year.  My daughter is very excited as she really misses them.  I enjoy seeing them, but they can be very hard work!  They're only here for a week and so far - everything is going OK.  My wife is behaving very well with them and has been very welcoming (which is quite a pleasant change).  I just hope we can get through the weekend without any major mishaps and I'll be home and dry!!!

I would still love to hear from anyone to my email with comments, questions, pictures, requests.  I love receiving the feedback from the people who read my blog and it definitely gives me the drive and desire to continue writing.

Have a great weekend!


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