Sunday, 9 May 2010

Back to Normal Pt. II

So we drive into his apartment complex.  It was all newly built and very smart.  I park my car next to his and we head inside.

We went up to his flat - it was very impressive.  I don't know whether it was his or a rental but everything inside was exquisite.  On the wall were old Hollywood-style film posters and the furniture was perfectly positioned.

We went into the lounge and sat on the sofa and chatted a bit.  Then he offered me a drink and I took my usual glass of water.  He brought the drinks then said he need to pee - he came back into the lounge but hadn't closed his jeans.  He looked very sexy and comfortable.  I could just see the top of his tight, white boxers as the top of his jeans folded over.

As I sat on the sofa, he stood in front of me.  I put my hands on his jeans and began to pull them down.  I could tell immediately how hard he was.  With his jeans around his ankles I began to nuzzle his cock with my nose and tongue.  He expertly took off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans.  I began to slide his boxers down.  His cock was thin and rock hard - shooting out of a bush of tight blond curls.  I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking on it playing with his balls at the same time.  While I was sucking on his cock he took off his shirt.

He pulled out his cock and says "I'll be right back, get naked!".  I stripped naked as he returned with a towel which he lay on the floor in front of the sofa.  He whispered in my ear that he loves to get fucked.  I thought to myself, who am I to deny his wish??!!!  He leaned forward exposing his cute little arse to pull a packet of condoms out of his jeans pocket and hands them to me.  He immediately got down on all 4s on the towel as I fumbled around to put the condom on.  By now I was already rock hard too.  I began working his arse a little.  Getting it ready for me.

I was very gentle with him.  My cock was just touching his hole.  I could feel him pushing back on me.  I let him.  He took a deep breath as the first cm slid inside.  Slowly as I pushed forward and he pushed back I could feel myself sliding inside him.  He was hungry for my cock.  I left my cock inside him and could feel him clenching his cheeks around it.  I slowly began to pull out and could hear his hunger.  I began to get into a rhythm sliding it in and out.  My hands massaging his back as I moved back and forth in and out of him.  I put my hand underneath him and grabbed his cock with my stomach resting on his back, my cock deep inside.

I suddenly realised his need for a towel on the floor - as I stroked his cock and fucked him slowly - I felt his entire body shudder as he began shooting his thick cum on my hand and onto the towel (protecting his nice carpet).  At almost the same time I pulled my cock out from him and shot my load over his arse and back - he turned round and lay on his back (on the towel) and I lay on top of him.  We kissed.  He had enjoyed himself as much as I had.

We met another couple of times after that and the routine was pretty much the same.  We would meet, by chance, at the same cruising spot and I would go back to his house.  After that, I never saw him again!

I apologise for not having finished this post last week, as promised.  I just didn't have the time.

I am planning a big post for my 50,000 hits which should be in the next couple of days.  Thanks to everyone who is supporting, reading and contributing to my blog. 

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