Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Of all the things I've done with other guys, all the people I've met and had sex with and all the different places I've done these things one of the most "exciting" places has definitely been the sauna.

I'd heard about gay saunas a lot but had never had the courage to go and visit.  I had always imagined them to be very daunting, even frightening, with men wandering around menacing the other people there.  I don't know where this idea came from and I later learned that I couldn't have been more wrong.

It was by chance the first time I ever went to a sauna.  I was at a local cruising area in the middle of the day.  An older guy began staring at me before approaching me and we began to chat.  It was a very hot day and the cruising area was pretty dry.  He asked me if I'd ever been to the sauna and I told him that I hadn't.  He said that he was thinking of going there and would I like to join him - he even offered to pay for me to go.  I wasn't too sure what to do but immediately found myself saying "yes, I'd love to".  I'm never one to turn down a good adventure and he reassured me that my ideas about what goes on in the sauna were totally wrong.  We headed towards his car and we chatted some more.  He was a very nice guy, a lawyer.  He told me in the car that we could fool around together but that I didn't need to feel obliged to be with him and that I could go and do my own thing.

He parked the car and we headed down a small alleyway off a busy road.  We entered a side door of a large, old building.  There was a large doctors surgery upstairs and people were walking in and out (unaware I'm sure of what goes on in the building) but we went downstairs into the basement.  As we went down the second flight of stairs the entire atmosphere changed and it was much darker.

The lawyer rang a doorbell and a man suddenly appeared at a little window by a door.  "Two for the sauna please".  The lawyer paid the money and he was handed two freshly laundered towels and the door buzzed and we went inside.  We walked straight into the locker room.  I wasn't too sure what to do, but the lawyer told me to undress and put the towel on. 

Some of the customers already inside heard the door buzz and several guys wrapped in just a towel appeared in the locker room and fumbled about at their locker.  I undressed and waited for the lawyer to put his towel on.  At the far end of the locker room was the entrance into the sauna.  We walked through into a lounge area with a large screen TV showing some hard core gay porn film.  A couple of guys were lounging on the sofas watching the film.  Across the room was a large window looking into a large jacuzzi with about 3 guys sitting inside.  Music was also playing very loudly.  The lawyer motioned me through another door into the shower area.  Another door from the shower area lead into the steam room.  I walked inside.  There were a few guys inside but it took me a while to make out what was happening in there until my eyes adjusted to the darkness and the steam. 

I saw there were large steps against the wall where some guys were sitting so I went and sat down.  The lawyer guy sat next to me.  I felt his hand on my thigh, stroking it gently as his hand slid up my leg to my rock hard cock.  The whole place was electric, you could feel the sex in the atmosphere of the place.  It was very calm and I was getting very sweaty.  I put my hand on his leg and felt his small, hard cock and we began stroking each other gently.  I leaned into him and said I could hardly breath in here and he said I should go for a walk around and that he was staying in the steam room for a while. 

I went out to explore further.  Once outside the shower area, I noticed a wooden door which lead into the dry steam room.  I went inside but it was empty.  I sat for a minute trying to tolerate the heat, but it got too much for me.  I left the room and made my way back to the lounge area - I noticed a black curtain to another room.  I walked through it and realised it was the beds.  There were two levels of cubicles containing mattresses.  Each cubicle had its own curtain giving the occupants a certain level of privacy.  I stood still and listened.  I could hear couples inside the cubicles - groaning, slapping and the general sounds of people having sex.

I was still in a certain level of shock.  This place was almost magical.  It was full of naked men having sex or cruising for sex.  There was no need to worry about being seen or getting caught.  Suddenly the curtain to the cubicle area opened and the lawyer walked towards me with a smile on his face.  He leaned into me and in a whisper he asked me "so, what do you think?".  As he leaned in to speak, I felt him grab my cock again.  I was so horny, the place, the atmosphere, the new experience had sent my horniness levels over the top.  He lead me into one of the cubicles closing the curtain behind us before taking off his towel (and mine) and laying me down on the mattress.

He began to suck my cock and at the same time I leaned forward and grabbed his cock.  We were both horny and both of us came pretty quickly.

I had probably only been at the sauna for about an hour, but it left a great taste and me definitely wanting more.  I later discovered another sauna which was literally a five minute walk from my office.  I used to visit it frequently.  I found it very difficult to sit in the office and concentrate when I knew that just a few minutes away there were guys having sex and I always want to be a part of it.  It was almost like an addiction on which I spent too much time and too much money.

Eventually I changed job and now almost never get the chance to go to the sauna, maybe once or twice a year.  But the adventures that I've had there have generally been very good and very exciting.


  1. I was scared shit the first time I went to a sauna. I drove by it three times before I dared to park the car and go inside. Once inside I had the exact feeling you had, the place and people ooze sex. I watched the other men for a while. Some tried to make contact but whenever I didn't like what I saw they noticed and backed off, which was nice :-). I looked around, explored the different sauna's steamrooms and other places and went to one of the steamrooms. There was an incredibly beautiful and muscled guy laying on his back on the stone slab, all stretched out. I sat down and watched him, he was so beautiful, I didn't dare to approach him. After a while of enjoyement from my side he left end I laid down on my back. A few moments later another guy came in and positioned himself nect to me. Shortly after I felt a hand touching my leg. I decided not to protest. He took hold of my immediate hard tool and it didn't take him many strokes to set me off and I quickly left (in a misplaced form of shame). I showered and left.
    Later I visited again and this time the same happened in the dry sauna. The guy started to touch me very tenderly all over my sweaty chest before finishing it off. It was fantastic.
    After visiting some other sauna's as well I kind of lost interest as almost none of the other visitors seemed very appealing to me. Too experienced for me or just too plain ugly to my taste :-) (no offence but everybody has a specific taste).

  2. Ah, yes, the saunas...one of my favorite places.
    good little post, good for you..nice blog