Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I didn't want people to think I've stopped blogging in despair that Flirty office guy no longer works with me.  It's not the case, we've spoken on the phone and on Skype.  It seems no matte what we talk about it always ends up with huge sexual innuendos, which is always good.  We are planning on meeting up soon one evening for a drink or something, not sure when that will happen.
Things with me are pretty much the same - still running around like a crazed person being a taxi driver - but I've got into a routine so it's not so bad.  I'm still working late and still getting very horny about doing it - still not too sure why.  I'm also full cycle again and horny as hell.  I'm horny to the point where any guy I see no matter if he's old, young, short tall, thin or fat - he's a possible.  Naturally, nothing ever comes of it - but who knows?  Stranger things have happened.

I'm still dieting - I'm slowly beginning to feel quite good about myself - I can't remember if I blogged but I've now lost just over 10 kilos and I don't have another appointment with the dietitian for another 2 weeks - so hopefully I can lose some more by then.  Because of my crazy schedule I don't have much time for walking-running which is a bit annoying because I really enjoyed it - but always manage at least once a week.

The wife's job seems to be going OK.  She seems to be handling everything in her life pretty well - although it can be difficult.  I hope it lasts - but it's looking good so far!

Just wanted to give a quick update of where I am - so any regular readers can be updated.  I'd still love to receive emails, questions, pictures and comments from anyone who wants to make the effort.

Take care and thanks to all my new followers and those that regularly check out my blog!

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  1. Thanks for the updates on your journey.I hope you get to see flirtyoffice guy soon Mate.
    Iknow the feeling about being horny all the time!driving down the higway and I have a hard on and no male hitch hickers about at all!