Wednesday, 30 June 2010


It was another late night in the office and I was lurking in a chat site.  I began chatting with another married guy, everything was going very well, we exchanged messenger contact details and carried on chatting.  Suddenly, another message pops up on the screen.  A 40 year old guy near to my office.  We began with the usual "Hi" and "Hi".  The conversation progressed very quickly.  He divorced, with his on place and was looking to suck a guy off.  Without any hesitation he sent me his address and simply wrote "cover over if you want."

I was horny and ready to go home.  I checked out where he lived and it was literally a 10 minute drive from where I was and it was more or less on my way home.  I had told him I was just looking for a "quickie" and he seemed perfectly happy with that.

I was suddenly wracked with nerves.  Why had he given me his address so easily?  Normally on the chat to get someone to send you a number takes forever, if at all.  Without any exchange of telephone numbers or pictures or anything else he had freely given me his address.  What if it was a wind-up?  Maybe he wanted me to turn up at someone's address at 2330 at night to piss them off?  I was torn whether to ignore it or turn up.

I drove to the address and found the building and pressed the intercom.  I said his name and he asked if I was downstairs.  I said yes and he buzzed me in and told me to come to the 3rd floor.  As the lift doors opened he was standing by the open door to his flat.  He was wearing a pair of shorts and flip-flops, no shirt.  He was pretty much as he had described himself - tall, thin and almost completely smooth.  He lead me inside and he was just watching the end of a football match on his huge flat screen TV, other than a computer, the flat was very sparsely furnished.  He offered me a drink and I followed him into the kitchen as he poured me a cup of cold water.  We chatted for a couple of minutes and he told me he was recently divorced and was more interested in women, but every now and again he likes a change and meets men.

Once we finished our drinks he turned off the TV and took me to the bedroom saying "we'll be more comfortable here!".  I stood in front of him and we began touching each other.  He immediately pulled down his shorts.  He was wearing small, beige briefs which I slid down his thin legs.  He was now standing in front of me fully naked.  We began touching each other as I unbuttoned my shirt.  He got down on his knees and opened my jeans and pulled them down together with my shorts and immediately began sucking on my dick, paying special attention to licking and sucking my balls too.  I could feel myself getting harder inside his mouth and could tell from the noises he was making that he seemed to be enjoying himself.  I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down further on my now rock hard cock - he didn't resist.

He pulled off my dick and looked at me and said "tell me when you're going to cum", but I wasn't ready yet.  I asked him what else he likes doing and he told me that he likes to be fucked but doesn't have any vaseline.  I smiled and told him not to worry about the vaseline and told him to get a condom.  He obediently went off to a cupboard and pulled out a condom which he opened in preparation while I undressed.  He sat back down on the edge of the bed, resting the condom on his leg while he went back to sucking my dick - getting me even harder.  I told him to put the condom on me, which he did.

I told him to show me his arse.  He turned around his feet on the floor holding himself on the bed with his elbows as he presented his smooth, white arse to me.  I began to slide my hands between his cheeks, stopping and playing with his hole.  Using my spit as lube I slid a finger deep inside him.  He gasped, but took it in.  I began to finger fuck him first with one, then two fingers.  When I felt he was ready, I positioned myself behind him and began to press my cock on his hole.  Slowly, I pushed myself inside him and was almost three-quarters inside him when he said it hurt so I began to pull out of him.  Then again, I started sliding myself back inside, this time taking it slower and getting right inside him.  I was in and it felt good.  His warm, soft, tight arse around my throbbing cock.  I hadn't fucked someone in a long time like this and it felt great.

I got into a rhythm pulling almost right out, and then sliding back inside.  Almost every thrust was accompanied with a "yeah, yeah, yeah" from him.  I could tell he was enjoying it.  In addition to me fucking him while my cock was deep inside I played with his cock too as well as some spanking which seemed to turn him on even more.

I continued fucking him and I could tell he was enjoying it too.  I pulled out and told him to roll onto his back.  I climbed onto the bed and spread his legs to get between them and immediately slid my cock back inside him, putting his legs on my shoulders.  By this time he was really open and I was fucking him hard - each thrust again accompanied with a "wow" or a "yeah".  I began to fuck him harder and faster and he was a willing partner and let me get in as deep as I could.  I could feel his big balls on mine as I went deeper inside.

I could have carried on like this for a while but the clock by the side of his bed showed it was getting later and later and I knew it was time to leave.  I fucked him harder and he raised his head and says to me "I want you to cum in my mouth!"  I continued fucking him for another couple of minutes but could feel me getting close.  I pulled out of him and lay down on the bed on my back.  He climbed on top of me, removed the condom and took my cock in his mouth.  I began to fuck his mouth harder, again pushing his head down on to my cock.  I knew I was close and my breathing became faster and heavier.  Pushing him down one more time, I felt a huge release as string after string of cum shot into his hot, wet mouth. 

He swallowed every drop and even continued to suck me once my cock was too sensitive and every touch from his tongue sent my body into spasm.  He pulled off me and fell down on to the bed next to me.

He commented how much cum came out of me, I told him I was always like that (which is true).  I told him that I hope I hadn't hurt him.  He said it hurt a little, but that it's all part of the fun of being fucked.  Sounds good to me!!!

We lay on the bed together, both of us naked for another couple of minutes for us both to get our breath back.  Then told him that I need to leave.  I got dressed as he gave me directions how to get out of where he lived.  I went downstairs, got in the car and left with a happy memory.

I asked him if he'd like to exchange mails or something, but he said he does this so very rarely it wouldn't be worth it.  I will look for him again on the chat.  I'd love to fuck him again.  It was the best and easiest fuck I'd had in a long, long time.


  1. What a fantastic sexual encounter you had, after a long stretch of pent up desire and fruitless flirtation. Even if you have not found a man who wants to do this often with you, he gave you great sex and made you feel like you were a hot man. I hope this encounter gives you that boost in self confidence and hope in finding someone more regular we all need.
    One night of great mutual sex with a stranger can have some prolonged restorative power. And perhaps he was that late birthday gift you did not even know was coming. A nice internet surprise.

  2. @ Jayson - you are so right, it really does do that. It's was quick and anonymous but it definitely did the trick!