Friday, 18 June 2010

Happy Birthday

Well actually my birthday is this weekend and I'm going to be 38.  I guess I'm getting very old.  So I am going to let you all know me a little better and will try to write 38 things about me!
  1. My first gay sex was at age 17
  2. I don't really care for ice cream
  3. I like the volume of the radio in my car to be on a number that is divisible by 5 (i'm a bit OCD about some things)
  4. I hate wasting food
  5. I love taking things that are free
  6. Of all the sex I've had over the years - seriously memorable fucks can be counted probably on 1 hand
  7. I believe it's possible to fall in love and have a relationship with a man while still being married to a woman
  8. I prefer to be a top with guys and even to the point of domination
  9. I don't mind being fucked - but it happens very, very rarely
  10. I prefer regular Diet Coke over all other colas and pepsis
  11. I'm a compulsive over-eater but those who follow my blog know that I'm trying to control that now
  12. I love porn and my favourite is gay amateur - but depending on my mood will sometimes look at MMF porn - straight porn does nothing for me
  13. I would love to have more comments, feedback and emails from my blog
  14. I spend way too much time looking for gay sex, but actually find very, very little, if any
  15. Working in the office at night makes me horny
  16. I don't drink coffee, but have recently started drinking Earl Grey tea once in a while
  17. I gave up smoking for 1½ years and I'm pretty much back to smoking too much again
  18. I survived cancer
  19. If I could, I think I would enjoy having sex everyday
  20. I am blessed with having someone amazing people in my life
  21. I love watching reality TV and soap operas
  22. I think I give the impression of being much cleverer than I actually am
  23. I hate being hairy and I wax my back and shoulders
  24. I love hairy guys
  25. I wish I had a much bigger cock
  26. I would love to be wealthy
  27. If I had to choose between a gorgeous hunk and have crap sex or a regular guy for great sex - I'd choose the regular guy - hunks don't do much for me
  28. I'm obsessed with seeing guys in Tanga briefs, it drives me wild
  29. When I strip a guy naked and he's wearing boxers, I'm always a little disappointed
  30. I would love to be taller - although I'm 1.80
  31. I would love to change my voice and the way I speak
  32. I think my legs are my best feature
  33. I would love to feel better about my body and wish I could be comfortable being naked around others
  34. I have no preference to guys being short or tall or dark or light skinned
  35. I would much rather kiss and cuddle than have penetrative sex and would love to take part in an orgy
  36. Cruising in gay pick up areas is dangerous and stupid but I love doing it
  37. I'm really pleased I started blogging but wish I had more time to devote to it
  38. I want more children
Thanks for all who managed to get to the end of the list.

Thanks for reading.

Here's to another year of happiness and good health.

Last year's party pics (I wish!!!)


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Wouldn't it be GREAT if our birthday parties were like your pictures? Love your blog. I just recently found it and have read all the posts. Thanks! It's been a great help to me to know some one else is out there in the same situation I am. I agree with most of your 38 items. Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day. Hope you get lucky today.

  2. watching that overall hits counter and know you have some steady followers even if they leave very few comments. I have had moments of wondering why the hell am I spending all this time on a blog and some of the pieces I felt were so cathartic for me and might move someone else got 1 or 2 comments. Our dear buddy Scott had some 50 - 70 comment pieces doing much lighter things. This is not a popularity contest and you focus on honesty, thoughtfulness, and quiet musings - and those seeking a deeper reflective writer are just fewer, as in life.

    I like your list which mixes sacred and profane, sexual and sensual, husband and cruiser together..we are all wonderful mixes of simple satisfactions and aching voids, appreciation for what we have been though and hoping for better. You survived cancer, how can any of us even grasp the magnitude of that?

    I just returned from two weeks in London, the Lake District, Bath, and Cambridge. I confess to having a few fantasies that you were the guy that beamed at me when we passed as I walked through Kensington Gardens, or the one that jogged slowly sweating and flexing by me in the woods of Hampstead Heath, or that strolled his young kid around the lake in Muswell Hill/Ally Pally so clearly loving his toddler while also clearly eying other handsome young dads. Your tale of doing it in parks, and then me seeing the abundance of wooded glens and thickly shrubbed copses right in the heart of one of the worlds densest city, made me think of your forays.

    The search for that right guy is no easier, and maybe harder, than the search for the right woman. Yes, a lot of it is not great and takes major effort to find. Keep just telling us day by day what happens - life runs very mundane for long stretches and then there is unexpected drama and maybe a change. Don't give up on your journey - your blog seems so real and true and accepting of things we must take, while also still hopeful for the things we need more of.
    Don't do the blog for us or measure its worth from the comments. Do it for yourself.

    Here is to a better next year and you have many many years to go as a vital, sexual, attractive man, and so many adventures ahead. Enjoy yourself some more and be well,


  3. Happy Birthday Mate!I see a lot on your list I can adentify with! one of them is I also hate being hairy! Thanks for blogging, it's a great read and I enjoy checking it out.
    Have a fun week end mr young 38 year old.
    Cheers Wally

  4. Hey buddy blogger, Happy Birthday,

    I had thought I left a very long comment expressing how much I read you regularly and praising you for showing us all that much of our days and weeks are really spent in non-sexual environments, punctuated only rarely by thrills. I may have not hit send, or your system did not digest it, so I will send this shorter version again. Your list, like your own blog, mixes sacred and profane, soulful and silly, simple and complex, hopes and fears and that reflects the strange mix of all these things that make up who we are and what we yearn to be. How can any of us even grasp the impact of having cancer, which you survived?

    You have things to celebrate and good features to take into other relationships and we wish you great successes.

    I thought of you on my recent trip to London, and even fantasized that was you beaming at me as you passed sweaty and shirtless along an urban park trail, or you jogging by and smiling in the woodlands of Hampstead Heath, or you strolling with a nice business suit and clearly watching the bare chested teens hanging by the Kensington Park fountain. London has gorgeous parks with many more featuring remote glades and dense tree cover and towering rhododendron groves than I ever imagined, and I kept thinking, infused with your tales, that one of these was a place you have, or will have, great sex with a guy. Just imagine all the places and the possibilities and the many many many more years of sexual vitality you have ahead, you are still relatively young. Go for it.

    Don't judge your success by the volume of comments - in a very short period you have grown a large number of hits and many followers who may not chime in with words often, but feel part of your community.

    Above all, do not feel alone, and keep using this blog like a good journal to put out what you need to talk to yourself about, and what you want to savor.

    With admiration and affection.

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words, I really appreciate it!

  6. It is a most interesting list of 38 items about yourself on your 38th birthday. Will you be doing the same on your 68th? Well belated Happy Birthday on reaching 38. You are fortunate to have survived cancer and hopefully have many, many years ahead.

    Here are a few comments on a few of your 38 items, based in part on number 13 in your list.

    Likely most of us have had far fewer memorable fucks (#6) or sexual encounters than we would like. Mostly sex is routine, whether it is with someone (male or female) or just with our own hand. It is hard for me to remember many sexual encounters that were really satisfying and strangely some of the ones I remember the most were with individuals whom I would rather not have known. The best part of sex (your # 35) for me has usually been the kiss and cuddle, especially if it occurred after orgasm.

    As to # 7 …. If you are at all literary, you might find of interest the book by Nigel Nicholson entitled Portrait of a Marriage. It is about his parents Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicholson, both of whom were bisexual and noted in English literature. Harold pursued young men (especially when he was stationed in Iran at the British Embassy), and Vita had some major affairs that came close to breaking up the marriage. The marriage survived and produced two sons, and Nigel, who writes the book, was one of the sons. Vita died first and Harold lived into very old age and much enjoyed his sons and grandchildren. Another notable achievement of Vita and Harold was the gardens they created at Sissinghurst in England, now part of the National Trust of Great Britain.

    You say you want more children (#38). Might be nice, but enjoy the ones you have and cherish them and your time with them now. Teach them to be themselves, and when it is time give them permission to leave with your blessings. If you have found time and a way to really connect with them now they will always come back to you.

    So onward then … into your 38th year … may it be a year filled with much hope and promise …

    Would have sent this to your e-mail account, but do not find you listing such ... so will post it in the open comments.