Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Plot Thickens

Things are pretty much the same with me.  I was at the dietitian this week and rather surprisingly I have lost more weight.  So I have now officially lost 12 kilos (~ 2 stone) which is excellent.  Although just before I stood on the scales in her office I said I wasn't very optimistic and then to find I'd lost more weight she pointed out (very correctly) that it must be my conscience talking - that is very true.  Although I am still being careful with what I'm eating - I have been far from perfect, but I've obviously been better than I thought I had been!!!

In a post a couple of weeks ago Staring Dilema I mentioned the guy who had been staring at me (and me at him, of course).  Well I went downstairs earlier today, near to his store-room/office.  He was standing by the door.  He was dressed in a tight, white t-shirt and dark blue jeans - and looking pretty good!  We said hello to each other and asked the usual pleasantries as I lit my cigarette (yes, I'm back on the weed - but it's kinda under control).  I'm still sure I wasn't imagining it but felt his eyes looking at me up and down as we chatted.  His store-room is like an Aladdin's cave of groceries for the company he works for - filled with all kinds of soft drinks, teas, coffees, yogurts etc...  He offered me a drink and I initially refused.  He insisted so I took me a bottle of Cola Zero.

I jokingly told him that life couldn't be better with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of coke in the other!  He laughed in agreement and then added .... unless Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie were standing with us in just their underwear.  Is he genuinely straight or was he perhaps testing the ground to see how I would respond?  I was very tempted to say that I don't really care for Angelina Jolie - but if her husband was walking past in just his underwear then it would be an entirely different story!!!

I would be very interested to hear from you all to find out how you would have reacted to the situation, what should I have said or done?

I changed the subject by telling him that he has the best room in the entire building - he's got all the supplies, he can close the door and nobody can hear or see what he's doing.  Hoping he would invite me inside, lock the door and strip naked for me, alas, he didn't!  But he did agree that he has the best room in the building!

I am so crap with these situations.  I never know how to progress to more interesting situations.  Will it just be a new fantasy because I'm reading too much into the situation or do I need to give clearer signals that I want his body???

As I finished the cigarette, we ended up going up in the lift together standing opposite each other, he got out before me and gave me a friendly wink and wished me a good day!  Should I have stood closer to him in the lift?

Your help would be gratefully appreciated. 


  1. i suppose my answer to that comment would have been a vague, "neither one of them does it for me." that might have opened the door to further conversation.

  2. The More you meet at the entrance to his alladin's cave,you might get more relaxed and the conversation might flow along much easier between you both and you might be able to pick some sort of sign.
    There might be a message in that wink as he left the lift! maybe.
    Best of luck with it Mate.


  3. You're def too slow on the uptake. Next time tell him "str8" - you prefer a masculine body... just wish you could have one yourself... does he go to gym or ever been.. make it fast, asking all those questions without a pause, then see what happens. You honestly have nothing to lose. Dave